San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Defense


Tracy Barrett has been practicing law in California, largely in Marin County,  since 1996. Her practice is exclusively devoted to criminal defense, representing both adults and juveniles.

She is a recipient of the A. Leonard Bjorklund Jr. Award.  The award - named for the longtime, dedicated, and highly regarded Marin lawyer who passed away in 2004 - recognizes excellence in the legal representation of indigent defendants.

Every single client is equally important to Tracy Barrett. She will handle your case directly and you will never be handed off to a subordinate.

Tracy is always committed to getting the best outcome possible for her clients and will put in the time, energy and expertise it takes to do so.  

Additionally, Tracy realizes that being accused of a crime - any crime, from DUI, to domestic violence, to theft, to drug charges, to assault - is stressful for her clients and does all she can to see them through the process with the least anxiety possible.

Choose a local criminal defense lawyer who will care about you and your case.